Eugene Volokh--Sex Symbol:

Tyler's post failed to note the most important Comment posted there:

jens said...

Eugene Volokh.

I'm pretty sure he is married already, but there must have been a time when he was not.

I am married, and straight, but I think I would STILL consider dating him if I had the chance!

SLS 1L (mail):
Looks to me like Eugene has been commenting on his own blog. . .
6.24.2006 11:51am
Volokh Groupie:
I don't know. I'm pretty sure I've heard UTR drool over Eugene. Though I'm not sure how he'll feel about that.
6.24.2006 11:59am
Tom952 (mail):
For his mind, of course.
6.24.2006 1:43pm
wood turtle (mail):
There must be a law that says, after you pass a certain point on the cuteness index, that you can't post your picture on your web site.
6.24.2006 3:18pm
wood turtle (mail):
But then, that might be a little harsh. Some allowances will have to be made for those guys who missed out big time on their chance to be prom king because they were too busy being boy geniuses.
6.24.2006 5:58pm
"Jens" is a guy, by the way (in case it wasn't clear from the "straight" comment).
6.24.2006 6:20pm
Humble Law Student (mail):
Lol, is that the highest compliment? When a straight guy says he would date you?
6.24.2006 8:24pm
Closet Libertarian (www):
I like his thinking but I'm not swithching sides to date him.
6.24.2006 10:50pm
Jens Fiederer (mail) (www):
Call me a tease, but he WOULD get that "Let's just be friends" talk on our third date!
6.26.2006 1:59pm