The Cup Will Be Raised Tonight:

The Stanley Cup is the oldest championship trophy in all of professional sports. So, let me join NRO's John Miller in reminding everyone that tonight is gamy 7 of the Stanley Cup finals between the Edmonton Oilers and the Carolina Hurricanes. If Edmonton wins, they will become the first NHL team to come back from a 3-1 deficit to win a Cup final [in this century, if not the past 60 years].

UPDATE: Thanks to the commenter below for the correction.

The esteemed Prof. Adler seems to have forgotten the 1942 Stanley Cup Finals, in which the Toronto Maple Leafs overcame a 3-0 deficit, and thus, by necessary implication, a 3-1 deficit as well.
6.19.2006 11:57am
bornyesterday (mail) (www):
Let's go 'Canes!

It has been one hell of a series so far. I can not wait for tonight's game.
6.19.2006 1:26pm
Whaler Fan (www):
Go Oilers!

Long live the Whale.
6.19.2006 1:29pm
Oiler fan stuck in NY:
Can't stop Lord Stanley's Express #6. Go oilers!
6.19.2006 2:26pm
Go Rangers. Oh, wait. They already won one in my lifetime.
6.19.2006 2:27pm
M. Stack (mail):
WHO CARES!!! Want to talk about sports, what a disappointment for Phil yesterday at the U.S. Open!!!
6.19.2006 3:14pm
Justin Levine:
Sorry Prof. Adler, but you are worng on ANOTHER count as well. The Stanley Cup is NOT "the oldest championship trophy in all of professional sports". That distinction belongs to the America's Cup sailing trophy.

You can read about here:

Two blantant errors in a two sentence post? Ooch! Don't sweat it though, I've done the same. We all have off days in our blogging.
6.19.2006 3:41pm
Justin Levine:
Now that I read it more carefully, it was originally a three sentence post (not two). See, we all make mistakes! ;-)
6.19.2006 3:44pm
Joshua (www):
Now here's a Cup I can get excited about!

Being more of an old-schooler... let's go Oilers! One for the... oh wait, you've already got one for the thumb (1990). One for... the other hand!
6.19.2006 3:56pm
Rush (mail):
Mm yeah Golf,the only sport that makes soccer look exciting.
6.19.2006 4:02pm
Rush (mail):
Heres betting that Monday night RAWs wrestling match between "the Edge" and "Nature Boy" Ric Flair will have higher ratings than Hockey. I'd like to watch the cup, but my cable system doesn't carry it. So, its wrestling.
6.19.2006 4:09pm
Maybe not the oldest, but surely the ugliest!

I an utterly certain that had Hockey existed in its present form 150 years ago, Victorian moralists would have described Eternity not in terms of a giant rock's being worn away by a sparrow whetting its beak, but as some small multiple of the Stanley Cup playoffs.
6.19.2006 4:17pm
G. Laraque:
Let's Go Oilers! With World Cup fever and the low coverage of the Cup finals, I'm pleased that Prof. Adler has blogged on Game 7. An interesting post on the singing of the national anthems by Oilers' fans with a link to video for those who haven't heard it yet.
6.19.2006 4:46pm
Homer J Rob (mail):

I'd like to watch the cup, but my cable system doesn't carry it.

Tonight's game, and the last two, are on NBC.

I grew up as a NY Islanders fan in the early 80's, so naturally I learned to hate the Oilers. But now, I see how classy their fans are. Although it's always more fun for the home team to get to hoist the Cup, I have to say, Go Oilers!
6.19.2006 7:26pm
Frank Drackmann (mail):
NBC? I only get the major networks
6.19.2006 10:40pm
As a southerner, I respectfully ask, who cares?

I must admit, I heard hockey was fun to watch live, but I have not had a chance to go watch.
6.20.2006 7:35am