Cool Things Supreme Court Justices Get to Do:
In Sam Alito's case, throw the first pitch at a Phillies game. Alito's reaction: "I've been a Phillies fan all my life, so this is a dream come true . . . Just unbelievable." Thanks to Howard for the link.
logicnazi (mail) (www):
I wonder if people will sleep with you just because you are a supreme court justice (and not just to influence a case or secure a clerkship). It probably doesn't really matter since most supreme court nominees tend to be older (though not that old recently) and married as well. Though you never know what kind of deal people have made in their marriage.
6.19.2006 12:48am
ThirdCircuitLawyer (mail):
Check out "Wild Bill," the book about Justice Douglas.
6.19.2006 1:24am
Kevin P. (mail):
But did Alito pitch to the right?
6.19.2006 8:46am
Attila (Pillage Idiot) (mail) (www):
Watch for Alito critics to claim some sort of ethics violation. You heard it here first.

By the way, did you see this photo of Alito and Justice Souter -- uh, I mean the Phillie Phanatic?
6.19.2006 10:39am
Watch for Alito supporters to whine that Alito critics will surely accuse him of some sort of ethics violation.
6.19.2006 11:58am
SB (www):
logicnazi: It almost sounds like you're talking about Anna Nicole Smith.
6.19.2006 12:51pm
Wild Pegasus (mail) (www):
They might as well put Alito in the rotation. He can't be any worse than the current starting pitching.

- Josh
6.19.2006 4:25pm