Congratulations to Orin:

I'm delighted to say that my friend and coblogger Orin Kerr is becoming a coauthor of the top criminal procedure casebook, which will now be Kamisar, LaFave, Israel, King & Kerr. (The book comes in three flavors, Modern Criminal Procedure, Basic Criminal Procedure, and Advanced Criminal Procedure.) He's also becoming a coauthor of the leading criminal procedure treatise and hornbook, now LaFave, Israel, King & Kerr six-volume treatise on Criminal Procedure, together with the one-volume hornbook by the same authors. Well done!

JR (mail) (www):
Congratulations Prof. Kerr. A fine accomplishment for a sharp mind. I will most likely buy the hornbook sometime down the road.
6.9.2006 2:50pm
Wintermute (mail) (www):
Well that's cool. Orin, I can hook you up with the guys who do my state's two leading publications on the subject.
6.9.2006 2:57pm
Dave Hardy (mail) (www):
Am I dating myself when I say I can remember it as Kamisar and LaFave?
6.9.2006 3:19pm
Chico's Bail Bonds (mail):
Orin, please consider moving at least 5 billion (i.e. 50%) of the long footnotes in the book into the main text. I had one of the versions of that book in law school and those footnotes still bother me to this day. And this is coming from someone who liked the book.
6.9.2006 5:24pm
Humble Law Student:
So, as long devotees, we all get free copies, right?
6.9.2006 5:34pm
B Drinker:
Georgetown's annual law review issue devoted to criminal law &procedure is the best black-letter source you'll get, it gets right to the point.
6.9.2006 7:06pm
John Jenkins (mail):
HLS, I think we should push for *signed* copies. BTW, are all of the authors on this book still around? How do they decide when to keep names and when to chuck them (e.g. Farnsworth on Contracts; how long will it be Farnsworth now that he's no longer around to update it himself)?
6.9.2006 9:37pm
Awesome to hear. Congratulations, Professor Kerr. Best wishes on the casebooks.
6.10.2006 12:44am
Dave Hardy (mail) (www):
BTW, are all of the authors on this book still around?

Prof. Kamisar enlisted, and as Col. Kamisar was killed leading the 30th Illinois at the Battle of Cold Harbor, June 3, 1864. Shocked by the loss of his colleague, LeFave fell into absinthe abuse and died after being trampled by a horse.
6.10.2006 2:44am
biu (mail):
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6.10.2006 3:29am
That has to be the prettiest spam I've ever seen.
6.10.2006 7:40am
A crass question, but what kind of royalties do you get on a casebook (and how is the split determined in a multi-author book), and how many do you have to sell to make decent money?
6.10.2006 6:17pm