More Coati-Blogging:

My pictures from Argentina and Brazil have now been developed, and there are some interesting shots of coatis, the raccoon-like animals I described in my previous post. In this sequence, brought to you by the crack staff at the VC Photography Department, a Brazilian coati demonstrates its climbing skills:

For more info on coatis, see here and here.

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Ilya - I've been considering visiting Iguazu (along with maybe the Pantanal and other places in Brazil) next month, but have read that the water level is low in their winter. Is that true? Is it still worth the visit?
6.2.2006 6:42pm
Ilya Somin:
Actually, next month will be the height of the rainy season, when there will probably be too many torrential downpours to make a visit worthwhile.
6.2.2006 6:48pm
I saw those guys at Kitt Peak in Arizona.
6.2.2006 7:32pm
Hal49 (mail):
They are fearless--I have a picture of one falling out of my girlfriend's purse after he dove in, apparently seeking a banana (that had been in the purse a day earlier); it was only dislodged when a fellow tourist wacked it with his baseball cap.
6.2.2006 7:58pm