"The Common Law Is Like a Baby . . . ":

Miriam Cherry offers up some of her favorite lines from her students exams and papers. My favorite: "The common law is like a baby. It grows and grows until someone comes along and stops it."

Questioner: it hard to get into law school?
5.31.2006 12:31am
Yes it is, but once you're there it's easy to graduate.
5.31.2006 1:09am
Cornellian (mail):
But hard to graduate magna cum laude.
5.31.2006 9:55am
mls (mail):
My all-time favorite student exam line -- "The proposed statute does not pass constitutional mustard."

Now, I've heard of French's mustard (which isn't French) and Dijon mustard (which is), but I'd never heard of constitutional mustard. I had an immediate vision of Supreme Court picnics: "Nino, pass the constitutional mustard, please!"
5.31.2006 1:13pm
Shelby (mail):
Cornellian: Yeah, but not so hard as all that.

mls: I guess it depends on what definition of "pass" you're using. My thought was, "That would sting!"
5.31.2006 4:31pm