Radio Show On Liberty:
This morning, I did an hour-long show for Minnesota Public Radio on "the meaning of liberty, and how it has changed since the U.S. Constitution was framed." It is a wonderful luxury to have a whole hour to elaborate one's views, but even so I can think of so many things I wish I had said. One gets sidetracked by the thrust of the questions of the host, and of the callers. But all-and-all, I think it is worth listening to here. (Unfortunately, you need RealAudio to open the stream)
Ross Levatter (mail):
I listened to your interview, Randy, and was surprised to find you think the American public so free. You've published books that indicate large sections of the Constitution have been redacted, or essentially ignored, by politicians and judges for many decades. You believe--I don't think I'm mischaracterizing--that the vast majority of regulations, both economic and personal, that negatively impact on the daily lives of virtually all Americans, such as Angel Raich, are without Constitutional justification, and therefore a violation of our natural rights and liberties. And yet you indicate on air that we're much more free today than at other times in America's history. Granted, chattel slavery has been abolished, but at the same time a massive Leviathan unknown to the founders has (partially) enslaved all of us, to paraphrase a Lincoln quote. But it appears you disagree, a position that would seem to be in tension with your writings.
5.29.2006 4:39pm
jimbino (mail):
You state that Americans are surprisingly unconcerned with their liberty, failing to encrypt e-mails, etc. I wish to point out, however, that it serves my privacy interests that I take care to encrypt only my e-mails involving atheism, cheating on my wife, my homosexuality and my interests in pornography, while I freely release all others for the government snoops to sift through. Indeed, I deliberately append (way down where the recipient won't find them) presumably terrorists words like "WMD," "cocaine," etc. specifically to help the snoops waste their time. I would like to promulgate a libertarian e-mail client that automated the process by, say, automatically formatting every message and randomizing the terrorist words.
5.29.2006 5:32pm

As usual, I enjoyed hearing the distinctions you try to bring to the debate over liberity. It did seem though that they were eager to mention your older book: "The Structure of Liberty" and not your more recent one: "Restoring the Lost Constitution". Is there a reason for this?
5.29.2006 6:43pm
J.M. Robinson:
Awesome. I saw your talk at Princeton. Very enjoyable.
5.29.2006 7:57pm
Brian G (mail) (www):
Isn't liberty the right to define the concept of your own existence, the meaning of life, or something nonsense like that? After all, my liberty depends on what the Supreme Court decides it is that certain week. After all it's nice to know that the government can't come in without a warrant but can take my entire house if they really want to.
5.29.2006 11:30pm
Very interesting. I saw you speak at Medora, which was even more interesting.
5.30.2006 6:02pm