64 Minutes:

Kevin Drum ponders another "Lost" mystery.

WashULaw2005 Grad:
As a TiVo user, I know it is to prevent me from recording South Park all the way through afterwards. Damn you ABC!
5.11.2006 9:41am
ATL (mail) (www):
Lost is travelling slightly faster than the speed of light.
5.11.2006 11:38am
AppSocRes (mail):
WashULaw2005 Grad may be right. A fellow worker just informed me that the rumor on the street is that this is becoming a standard technique to thwart tivo.
5.11.2006 12:42pm
Joel (mail):
Most hour-long shows have 44 minutes of programming and 16 minutes of commercials. If Lost is 64 minutes long, then I am curious as to whether that's just four more minutes of commercials, or four more minutes of program, or maybe three and one.

Regarding the Tivo issue: someone needs to develop a Tivo that can record shows on separate channels simultaneously. Of course, Hollywood's lobbyists will immediately try to make it illegal.
5.11.2006 12:47pm
As WashULawGrad points out above, it's clever on the part of ABC in order to cause trouble for TiVo users. However, a new version of TiVo has dual tuners, and thus can record more than one show at a time; the link to the press release can be found [here].

In any event, it is my contention that the use of such programming techniques mean it's still useful to have a VCR hooked up.
5.11.2006 12:48pm
unhyphenatedconservative (mail):
"someone needs to develop a Tivo that can record shows on separate channels simultaneously."

My sister's DVR from the cable company does that.
5.11.2006 1:06pm
Sanjay (mail):
A much more effective shot against the Tivo users is they're missing the "Hanos foundation" commercials and associated web page....
5.11.2006 3:34pm