Likely Tenth Circuit Nominee:

Neil Gorsuch, who clerked for Justice White the year I clerked, is apparently likely to be nominated to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. (He also later clerked for Justice Kennedy.)

Neil is very smart and thoughtful, and would make an excellent judge. I haven't kept up with him much, but I did read and very much like his recent Wisconsin Law Review article called The Legalization of Assisted Suicide and the Law of Unintended Consequences: A Review of the Dutch and Oregon Experiments and Leading Utilitarian Arguments for Legal Change. He also has a book coming out on the same general subject, from Princeton University Press, which I read, liked, and wrote a blurb for.

Thanks to Stuart Buck for the pointer.

Joe Leahy (mail):
Neil also is an excellent trial lawyer. He won a number of jury verdicts at the boutique firm KHHTEF (both under the tutelage of Mark Hansen and in his own right). He's got a strong will, too -- which I think will suit him well as a Circuit judge. I wish him the best of luck.
5.10.2006 7:58pm
The Cranky Insomniac (www):
I went to college (Columbia) with Neil, and actually founded an alternative campus newspaper with him. I can most definitely attest to his intelligence and character. He's very old school conservative (or was back then, at least), and while we didn't always agree (I was - and am - a wacko libertarian), he always had a sense of humor about our disagreements. (At least to my face...)

Congrats to Neil! I'll have to dig up an email address for him..
5.11.2006 2:32am