What I Learned This Spring Vacation -- Doing Things More Than Once:

As I mentioned in the post on my odd vacation-time activities, I've now realized that a few of the suggestions I give in my Academic Legal Writing book aren't as sound as I thought they were. I'll naturally revise things accordingly in my third edition, but for now let me pass this along as a sort of online update.

12B6 (mail):
Someone once said the only writing worth reading is re-writing. While it can be hard to re-read your paper for mistakes repeatedly, I found that if you start with the last paragraph and work your way backwards, it forces you to pay more attention to your writing.
5.11.2006 3:31pm
Nobody Special:
Your new sources advice is, in my view, the correct one for dealing with write ons that involve source packets at least as large as UCLA's.

What I suggest is highlight important/potentially quotable passages, while keeping, on a separate sheet of paper for each source, an index of the highlighting, along with a very, very short summary of why you highlighted it.

It makes it very easy to go through your argument and think "hey, I need a citation here," and to quickly find it.
5.11.2006 3:47pm