CIA Director Porter Goss Resigns:
The New York Times has the news here. offers some commentary and background here.
Anderson (mail) (www):
Those who would prefer a more lurid account should see Josh Marshall's summary or keep an eye on Laura Rozen's blog.

(Short version: Former Congressman Goss said last week he wasn't at any lobbyist-sponsored prostitute-providing parties. Now he's resigning. Post hoc, ergo propter hoc? It's not *always* a fallacy ....)
5.5.2006 7:06pm
llamasex (mail) (www):
In light that the last CIA head Goss has exited running away from a suggests we make the head of the CIA a classified position.

Having a scandal and the head of an organization forced out with no replacement lined up must really hurt the war on terror, to avoid that and for the larger reason that if the terrorists know who is running the CIA they can infer his/her style of management and what to expect. For Example if the director postition is classifed the terrorists will be unable to determine if the new CIA chief is a tech head and they need to watch cell phones, or if he is an old schooler and they need to watch those around them.

It also makes it safer for the new head of the CIA, since his identity will be hidden can relax and not stress about his personal safety as much allowing him to more effectively do his job.

The key here is defeating the terrorists, and if the director of the CIA has to remain classified to be more effective at winning the war on terror, we shouldn't know who he is.
5.5.2006 7:26pm
Goss had ties to Randy "Duke" Cunningham. Is the nickname a coincidence? Let us not forget that Mike Nifong is planning to indict a third guy for rape. Where?

That's right, at Duke.

Therefore, Goss resigned because he's the third rapist.

See, Joshua Micah Marshall, I can do it too! Geez.
5.5.2006 7:32pm
Anderson (mail) (www):
llamasex, I'm happy to tell you that your recommendation has been anticipated, and indeed, *I* am the new CIA director.

--More seriously, Kevin Drum rounds up the theories, including Justin Rood's info that Goss was told to fire his embattled subordinate Foggo and resigned instead.
5.5.2006 7:32pm
honeybadger (mail):
I quit reading at "has deep ties to the CIA". To adduce this as proof of a conspiracy (or indeed, anything whatsoever) is the hallmark of the nutcase who couldn't reason his way out of a paper bag. People incapable of elementary logic don't deserve my time, period.
5.5.2006 8:43pm
Splunge (mail):
Who's in, and who's out, and why? Let the speculation begin!

Gosh, this is almost like having royalty, isn't it?
5.5.2006 9:26pm
He did it hoping this news would make that of Patrick Kennedy less talked about. I heard Teddy payed him to do it. Sounds as credible as Josh Marshall.
5.5.2006 11:27pm
American Psikhushka (mail) (www):
Yeah, that's the solution to corruption shielded by secrecy - more secrecy!

Here's a clue: If blowhard lobbyists can compromise someone with a card game, an open bar tab, and some T&A just about anyone else can. Terrorists, foreign intelligence services, organized crime, etc.
5.6.2006 2:27am
llamasex (mail) (www):
American Psikhushka if they don't know who the head of the CIA is, how can they bribe him?

See this works for everything!
5.6.2006 2:30am
Smithy (mail) (www):
I never liked Goss and I'm excited about General Hayden. The CIA needs a swift kick in the arse and Hayden is the man, I hope, to deliver it. The scuttlebutt I've been hearing is that the president fired Goss because Goss was refusing to prosecute Mary McCarthy. Here's hoping that Hayden puts that traitor away for a good long time.
5.6.2006 9:22am
American Psikhushka (mail) (www):

Ah, but if we had a double-secret director double-secret lobbyists would have to lobby him for double-secret contractors. Basically, that's what these "hospitality suites" guys were - double-secret lobbyists.

Re: Mary McCarthy-

Yeah, can't have anyone blowing the whistle on our treaty and international law violations. And Constitutional violations. And federal law violations. And Armed Services field manual violations.
5.6.2006 10:58am
JosephSlater (mail):
Deck chairs on the Hindenburg (hat tip to Steven Colbert's brilliant performance).
5.6.2006 12:16pm
Just an Observer:
One interesting ramification is the prospect of a confirmation hearing for the new CIA director.

If speculation is correct that the nominee will be Gen. Michael Hayden, who was the point man for the NSA's warrantless surveillance program, that will create a political venue for some additional probing of the program's genesis. However, Intelligence Chairman Pat Roberts likely will be able to block any serious demands for information.
5.6.2006 12:53pm
Anderson (mail) (www):
However, Intelligence Chairman Pat Roberts likely will be able to block any serious demands for information.

Sad if true. If the Dems plus a few genuinely "conservative" Republicans can't filibuster Hayden, then it's really sad.

Hayden, IIRC, is the guy who didn't realize that "probable cause" is actually in the 4th Amendment, and not just some option exercised at the discretion of the President.
5.6.2006 1:59pm
Goss was refusing to prosecute Mary McCarthy

Does Goss even get to make that decision? Why wouldn't a Federal prosecutor make that call regardless of Goss's feelings on the matter?
5.6.2006 3:12pm
Anderson (mail) (www):
Does Goss even get to make that decision? Why wouldn't a Federal prosecutor make that call regardless of Goss's feelings on the matter?

Technically, no, of course he doesn't. But if someone assaults you &you don't want to press charges, the D.A. will think twice before indicting the someone.

Likewise, if Goss says the CIA doesn't want to "press charges"--and especially if he suggests that National Security might be impinged upon--then it's very unlikely that Justice would say "to hell with it, we're going after her."
5.6.2006 5:03pm