The Sopranos:

I just came across this brilliant television blog by Tim Goodman, the tv critic for the San Francisco Chronicle. His posts on The Sopranos (this week's episode here) are superb. He pretty much sums up poor Vito's plight, "Though Vito finally makes a play for some personal freedom, you can't help but think it's going to end badly for him just when he finds what he's looking for." Goodman's take on last week's episode is especially good. All of his Sopranos posts are collected here.

HT: Washington Post World Cup Blog (of all places), which gratuitously (and successfully, at least in my case) plugged Goodman's blog the other day.

JosephSlater (mail):
The scene where the mob guys tried and failed to shake down the faux-Starbucks was priceless.
5.2.2006 12:31pm
Raw_Data (mail):
I wonder if it truly represents the lack of local autonomy for local Starbucks managers.
In this instance I can see where very tight budgeting with little discretion is an exccellent idea.
5.2.2006 12:38pm
Haven't read the TV blog they plugged, but the WaPo World Cup blog is really, really good. WaPo has the best soccer coverage of any major US paper I've seen.
5.2.2006 1:01pm
American Psikhushka (mail) (www):
Unfortunately is puts the emphasis on New Hampshire's tolerant atmosphere regarding certain social issues, rather than one of its other crowning achievements - being selected for the Free State Project. It will be known for the gay mobster from the Sopranos instead of one of the places with the most sensible government.
5.2.2006 2:02pm
GMUSL 2L (mail):
Prof. Z,

Alan Sepinwall at the Star-Ledger also has excellent sopranos posts.
5.2.2006 2:42pm