Cameras in the Court?
Dan Henninger has this column today in the Wall Street Journal about his first time listening to oral argument in the Supreme Court. I know how he felt. My first time was only a few years ago when I went to listen to argument in the Oakland Cannabis Buyers Cooperative case, and had the same reaction as he did. As much as I would like to watch oral argument on C*SPAN, I have to think that this particular aspect of the Supreme Court is not broke and does not need to be fixed. People cite C*SPAN in Congress as the model (as well as televised state supreme courts), but I hardly think Congress is operating particularly well.

I am not saying that the Supreme Court does not need any reform. Most important among those I have read about is reforming its private conferences so the Justices debate more before voting. But I am content with audio of oral argument released soon afterwards. I can do without cameras in the Supreme Court. Can you? Comments are enabled.