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Name Rearranging:

Take the last name of someone who has been in the news recently. If you drop the first and last letters of that name and rearrange the remaining letters, you will get that person's first name. Who is the person?

Dean (mail) (www):
Suri Cruise!
4.19.2006 2:20pm
Mark B:
I wonder. Is her legal surname really Cruise, or is it really Mapother?

Tom's birth name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, and I assume that Tom Cruise is just a stage name.

The news reports have only said her name was "Suri", not "Suri Cruise".
4.19.2006 3:05pm
It's not Suri Holmes?
4.19.2006 3:16pm
Harry Pool (mail):
I'm fond of Theda Bara, the silent movie actress. Reverse her purported first and last stage names, rearrange the letters in each, and you get "arab death." As she was a contemporary of Rudolf Valentino, those anagrams are not coincidental.
4.19.2006 3:34pm
uh clem (mail):
Tim Smith?
4.19.2006 4:27pm
Tom R:
Speaking of Tims, is it true that Tim Horton is the Ukrainian pronunciation of Tim Gorton?
4.21.2006 5:32pm