The Italian Situation:

A terrific, insightful piece by Roger Cohen today in the Int'l Herald Tribune on the political mess in Italy and why, in a sense, it matters.

kingmanor (mail):
The article you link to isn't just behind a registration wall, its behind the TimesSelect subscription wall. Way to go linking to an article that 99% of the internet can't read. On the plus side, now we know at least one user that actually pays for this thing.
4.19.2006 6:18am
David Post (mail) (www):
that's odd ... I don't have a TimesSelect subscription, yet I was able to get behind the wall. All of today's Int'l Herald Tribune [seems to be] available without any sort of subscription ... I wouldn't have posted it if I thought otherwise.
4.19.2006 7:27am
A. Zarkov (mail):
I couldn't behind the subscription wall either. I'm not about to pay the New York Times for anything.
4.19.2006 9:03am
Perhaps you could update the post with some excerpts you thought relevant?
4.19.2006 10:50am
CJColucci (mail):
There has never been a time when Italy hasn't been a political mess. Why does the current mess matter more than others?
4.19.2006 12:02pm
AppSocRes (mail):
I'd like to read the article, but won't subscribe to NYT on-line.
4.19.2006 12:27pm
Paul A'Barge (mail):
I also get the "you must pay to read" firewall message... and I'm not putting even a dime in the hands of the NYT vultures.
4.19.2006 3:56pm
Michael Livingston (mail):

Perhaps you could quote some of the highlights (I have the Times Select thing, but can't blame people for not wanting to pay for it!)
4.19.2006 11:55pm