Blegging About "Blegging":

Can anyone point me to evidence on who invented the term blegging?

N. Pepperell (mail) (www):
World Wide Words suggests that it may have coined by the National Review Online. Not sure if this is the consensus view...
4.19.2006 2:34am
James Fulford (mail):
Memory says it was John Derbyshire: Here's a reference from 2002:

just more Internet blegging (John Derbyshire's word for begging for help in a "blogg" format) for a piece I am working on. Thanks--and do send your thoughts, with "fetus photo" in the subject line.
Posted at 04:44 AM[November 09, 2002]
4.19.2006 2:36am
James Fulford (mail):
Again from Derb:

OK, now the bleg. (NB: The verb "to bleg" — coined, I believe, by yours truly — means "to use your blog to beg for assistance from readers..[August 1st, 2002]

Earlier citations can probably be dug out of The Corner.
4.19.2006 2:38am
JR (mail) (www):
This is off topic, but this post reminded me of this quote by Jesse Russell:

It occurs to me that the word blog is becoming to bloggers what the word smurf was to Smurfs.

I saw the bloggingest blog the other day. It was bloggingly bloggy.
4.19.2006 10:27am
Eh Nonymous (mail) (www):
In line with JR's observation:

Blog you, mother-blogger! You blog so bloggy blog that your blogblogblogblog hasn't blogged since you blogged in bloggers!

/TBS censoring, a la Lethal Weapon's "Thank you! Thank you, mother thanker!"
4.19.2006 5:06pm