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Good Bye!

My guest-blogging stint was supposed to end several days ago now, so it is time for me to take my leave. Those who may be interested might wish to know that a much revised version of 2 of my posts on discrimination against atheists is going to be published in the April 17 issue of the Legal Times.

I had a great time posting on Volokh Conspiracy and interacting with my co-bloggers and readers. I look forward to possibly doing more blogging in the future. In the meantime, however, I have to go back to doing the work that enables me to make a living.

Best wishes to all!


Justin (mail):
One of the better guest posters. I would have no problem if you received a full invitation.
4.14.2006 2:56pm
Mike BUSL07 (mail) (www):
Sad to see you leave, I greatly enjoyed your posts.
4.14.2006 2:59pm
Average Joe (mail):
I enjoyed our posts and regret seeing you go. I wish you well and hope for your future return to the Volokh Conspiracy.
4.14.2006 3:00pm
U.Va. 1L (mail):
Do come back, Prof. Somin. I enjoyed your posts.
4.14.2006 3:05pm
Silicon Valley Jim:
Add me to the list of those who would welcome you full-time. I have found your posts both thought-provoking and well-reasoned.
4.14.2006 3:15pm
Very good job helping to fill the void left by Prof. Kerr.
4.14.2006 4:04pm
Colin (mail):
An excellent series of posts; I would also be delighted if Prof. Somin joined the Conspiracy full-time.
4.14.2006 4:07pm
Thanks for the good posts!
4.14.2006 4:18pm
Gil (mail) (www):
Me Too!

And, there's nothing to prevent you from working and blogging. A lower frequency of posting would be much better than zero.
4.14.2006 5:25pm
Q the Enchanter (mail) (www):
Your posts were uncommonly good. Come back and hang again sometime...
4.14.2006 5:54pm
anonymous coward:
Excellent job. And, yes, do take up blogging permanantly.
4.14.2006 5:57pm
Marcus1 (mail) (www):
You're a natural, they should invite you back! Even if the green effects of Kelo are nothing like you say. But then, if you agreed with me, you'd never have been blogging here in the first place...
4.14.2006 6:05pm
Ramza (mail):
I did enjoy your stint here Ilya Somin, it felt like you were a normal blogger for this site. At the same time I have to express some disapointment. When I first read Eugene's post introducing you and your legal specialities, I was hoping you guest blogging would center around a grand overarching theme. A mixture of analyzing what is liberty, property rights, and democracy, their differences and similarities, and the effect these three have on living standards and quality of life throughout history and around the world.

This isn't to say I didn't enjoyed your stint at volokh, and how I hope you become a full time blogger at this site. I was just hoping you were focus much of your guess blogging on an area that I think is important and recieves little attention today.

So Eugene, can you add another spot to the roster?
4.14.2006 7:23pm
Shangui (mail):
Loved your posts. I'd be thrilled to see you join full-time.
4.14.2006 7:24pm
Many thanks and good wishes from me as well.
Your posts on atheism sure got me thinking.
Do come back often. You can not possibly resist a 100% approval rating. The envy of politicians!
4.14.2006 11:12pm
SenatorX (mail):
Your views were greatly appreciated! I hope you both get invited back and have the time to contribute again.
4.15.2006 10:17pm