Passover Grab Bag:

Passover starts tomorrow night at Sundown. I'm running my own Seder for the first time, so the interminable rabbinical commentary about how the ten plagues were really two hundred and fifty blah blah blah will be replaced, hopefully, with more interesting discussion, aided by a book I bought from Amazon, "Creating Lively Passover Seders." Anyway, I've been collecting offbeat Passover links people have been sending me via email, and here they are:

The sixty second Haggadah (click on the book to start; ability to recognize Hebrew helpful).

The thirty minute seder: A nice, concise version for those who want the basic elements, in English.

"Who Let the Jews Out? [Who? Who? Who?]"

The JibJab Matzah video.

And, of course, "Matzo Man" (who can resist a matzah dressed like an Indian chief?)

UPDATE: And here, courtesy of reader Hannah, is "Elijah the Prophet", starring Elijah Wood, from Birthright Israel.