Advice to Law Students on Publishing Their Student Work:

Frank Pasquale, at Concurring Opinions, gives some tips; it's much worth reading (and I don't just think so because of his kind words about my Academic Legal Writing book).

I do differ with him on one matter: I encourage students to submit to main law reviews, and not just specialty journals; some main law reviews won't publish work by students at other schools, but some do. And now that submission is free and easy, using Berkeley Electronic Press's ExpressO (assuming your school has a site license for it, which many schools do) or SSRN's eSubmissions (click on Submit, make sure you're configured as a user, and then go to eSubmissions), you should definitely try it. As Wayne Gretzky supposedly said, you miss 100% of the shots you never take.

FAVORITE COMMENT UPDATE: A commenter writes: "Some blogger on his taxonomy should give him a job or pay him." Jared K. responds: "He's not getting paid, but he is getting credit, which is like getting paid but instead he pays someone else."