Danish Moslem Says, "My Religion Is Threatened in This Country," and Points to a New Inquisition:

Agora reports:

Feature article from Politiken, April 1st, 2006

By Ibrahim Ramadan

My religion is threatened in this country.

Not because I am a part of a Moslem minority in a Christian country. Not for lack of Mosques. And not by the Danish People's Party and their stereotypical depiction of Moslems.

My religion is threatened by people who claim to belong to the same faith as I do. Threatened by organisations such as Hizb-ut-Tahrir and by people such as Ahmed Akkari, Abu Laban and Raed Hlayhel who all claim to work to spread the word of God. In reality, they're working towards another goal entirely -- to control what other Moslems should believe, think and do.

Some Moslems in Denmark have accepted the Danish Imams' words and take strong exception to Naser Khader. They think he has sold out the Arab cultural heritage and that he's shed Moslem values to become accepted by the Danes.

But what few Moslems in Denmark understand is that Naser Khader more than any other works to ensure that we qua Moslems are seen as assets and aren't looked down upon as a problem in Denmark.

Is it really so heretical when Naser Khader dares say that to achieve that, we Moslems must embrace Democracy and Freedom of Speech and that it must mean that we reconsider some things in our cultural and religious background.

Lately this had some inhuman consequences for Naser Khader and his family. Some fanatical fellow Moslems have tried to threaten him into silence because they would rather not have other Moslems critically analyze the context in which our religion is seen.

But it's time that we -- the great silent majority of Moderate Moslems in Denmark -- let our voice be heard and take our watch as champions of Democracy. We can't let Naser Khader carry that burden by himself.

Because what we are witnessing at this moment in Denmark, of all things resembles most an inquisition, one which doesn't leave out much from the horrors the unorthodox thinkers of the Christian world had to go through during the Middle Ages. In the year 2006, Moslems who don't approve of authoritarian Islam are condemned as heretics with no right to call themselves Moslems....

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