Study of Journalism and Blogging:

Alastair Chivers is a Scottish university student (Robert Gordon University) who is doing a dissertation on journalism and blogging; as part of the study, he's put up some questionnaires that he's hoping users and bloggers might answer:

The intention of this project is to look at what role weblogs of a journalistic nature play in a user's consumption of news online. Are journalistic weblogs used as a sole news source by internet users? Is the popularity of these sites increasing like blogging in general? What inclines people to find and regularly read journalistic weblogs?

If anyone would like to take the questionnaire for this study then please click on the appropriate link below, you would be greatly helping me in my study. There is a seperate questionnaire for users of journalistic weblogs and the bloggers of such sites. User questionnaire. Blogger questionnaire.