NYU Violated Its Own Expressed Policies in the Cartoon Case:

From the NYU Students' Guide, Guidelines Regarding Protest and Dissent (p. 208, PDF page 116) (emphasis added):

A. Commitment and Responsibilities of the University. New York University is committed to maintaining an environment where open, vigorous debate and speech can occur. This commitment entails encouraging and assisting University organizations that want to sponsor speakers as well as informing members of the University community who seek guidance concerning forms of protest against speakers. It may also involve paying for extraordinary security measures in connection with a controversial speaker. Consistent with these obligations, the University promulgates these Guidelines, which are intended to be applied without regard to the content of any proposed speaker's speech.

The policy also goes on to recognize that NYU groups are entitled to invite people from outside NYU, so long as "the sponsoring organization ... provide[s] that at least a majority of the seats be available to the University community or portion thereof, as the case may be."

This incident is a pretty sad commentary on the values of the NYU administration, it seems to me.

For a report on the event, see Right Wing Reason.

Federal Dog:
Funny, the lack of commentary. University hypocrisy doesn't even shock anymore.
3.30.2006 2:54pm
Mike BUSL07 (mail):
I don't suppose NYU actually acknowledged that they departed.. err... violated their own policy?
3.30.2006 3:00pm
Michael B (mail):
Shocked, I'm shocked ...

The bold and the brave among transgressivist academe and the avant-garde - not to mention Hollywood and Burbank - kowtow and submit. Bold and brave transgressivists - as long as the PR is good, the self-regard is duly polished and the cost is cheap.
3.30.2006 3:07pm
Have a whole department of hate speech, Middle Eastern Studies, no problem. A few cartoons, big problem.
3.30.2006 3:17pm
Allahnymous Q'oward:
To paraphrase abortion rights activists: Just Say No To Sex With Muslims.
3.30.2006 4:37pm