Who Was George Mason?

In case you were wondering, the Bill of Rights Institute has a profile of the "Father of the Bill of Rights."

JLR (mail) (www):
George Mason will forever be linked with Elbridge Gerry and Edmund Randolph as the three Constitutional Convention delegates present on September 17, 1787, who did not sign the Constitution.
3.27.2006 2:24pm
Humble Law Student:
The far more important George Mason sacrificed his life to save Los Angeles from an atomic bomb.
3.27.2006 2:45pm
keatssycamore (mail) (www):
Did he have a groin punching history?
3.27.2006 3:24pm
Tyrone Slothrop (mail) (www):
I always get Mason confused with James Naismith.
3.27.2006 4:18pm
Thief (mail) (www):
I always liked going to the statue of George Mason by the Jefferson Memorial and the Tidal Basin in the summer. They always keep it planted with flowers. Mason's statue itself is also surprisingly approachable... he's sitting on a long stone bench, you see a stack of books next to him (Cicero, Locke, and Rousseau, IIRC), and he looks lost in thought.
3.27.2006 5:08pm
frankcross (mail):
Didn't he refuse to sign the Constitution at the Convention?
3.27.2006 5:14pm
Wasn't he the guy the Free Masons were founded to help out?
3.28.2006 12:23am
Nobody Special:
George Mason can dunk from the half court line.
3.28.2006 10:26am
JLR (mail) (www):
frankcross -- see my comment of 3.27.06 2:24 pm (the first comment in the thread).
3.28.2006 6:08pm