The President's Secret IMs:
This was the first one of the series by Danielle Crittenden I had seen. ;-)

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kimsch (mail) (www):
kimsch: OMG!
3.14.2006 4:29pm
JLR (mail) (www):
AIM chat with MittPotus08
8:23 pm

JLR: hi Gov

MittPotus08: yo

JLR: wtg on bein #2 in straw poll
JLR: u r hot rite now

MittPotus08: yeh & i went 2 tn to do it
MittPotus08: whoda thunk

JLR: if u win pls put me on ur staff

MittPotus08: uhhh
MittPotus08: gtg
3.14.2006 4:57pm
d4n13113 (r1773nd3n's 14/\/\3 4773/\/\p7 a7 h\/m0r sUxx0rs
3.14.2006 5:59pm

WB: Brings to mind an old favorite. Buddy List iz da kewlest.
3.14.2006 6:19pm
A less funny version of the Il-matic IM's between Kim Jong Il and GWB.
3.14.2006 6:52pm
Can't find a good name:
got 2 say
IMS r hard 2 rd
so i wasnt a fan of this particular piece
u can 4get about me finishing it

was this illiterate enough 2 qualify as IM mode?
3.14.2006 11:26pm
Thief (mail) (www):

im young enuf so that i can rd this.


Prof. Randy is a 1337 hax0r!
3.14.2006 11:39pm
AK (mail):
Str8talk08: imus n russert say cheneys gotta go
Str8talk08: but im all like "no way bush is loyal"
ConLawPimp69: your retarded
Str8talk08: wha?
ConLawPimp69: Prez cant fire VP dumbass
Str8talk08: y not?
ConLawPimp69: VP isn't an cabinet officer or head of dept
ConLawPimp69: hes elected 2 a 4yr term
ConLawPimp69: can only b removed by impeachment
Str8talk08: o yah i was never good wit con law
ConLawPimp69: yeah i kno
ConLawPimp69: remember mccain-feingold?
Str8talk08: how could i 4get??? haha
ConLawPimp69: totally unconstitututitutional!!!11!!one!!!sin(pi/2)!!
Str8talk08: no way a$$hole
ConLawPimp: w/e
ConLawPimp69: l8r
Str8talk08: bye
3.16.2006 12:11am
Swimmy: that made me ell oh ell
Swimmy: lolicakes!
3.16.2006 12:10pm