Please Re-Download "Judicial Power and Civil Rights Reconsidered":

My colleague Ilya Somin and I last year published a review essay in the Yale Law Journal entitled Judicial Power and Civil Rights Reconsidered, a review of Michael Klarman's From Jim Crow to Civil Rights. When first posted on SSRN, the review received over 100 downloads. However, the YLJ objected to us posting the piece on SSRN, and we had to take it down. This resulted in the download counter being reset to zero. The piece has now been reposted, but only has four lonely, embarassing hits. This is hurting my SSRN ranking! I'd probably be around number 620 instead of 633 in alltime downloads but for this snafu. So please do me a favor, and if you downloaded the paper previously, download it again, so the SSRN counter will know you did it. Every vote counts! Click below for important instructions!


UPDATE: While I was joking in honor of Purim about needing the downloads (see text hidden under "show"), it turns out SSRN has addressed the underlying problem. Prof. Bernard Black writes:

If you remove a paper from SSRN and later repost it, you can recover the lost downloads. Just add a comment when you repost giving the abstract number for the old post, and ask that the old downloads be carried over to the new post. This is also useful when you want to combine two versions of one article, without losing downloads.

DavidBernstein (mail):
If you click on "show" it says, "Just Kidding. Happy Purim!" This was a satire on the attention law profs pay to statistical measures of accomplishment.
3.14.2006 10:17am
Dave Hardy (mail) (www):
So what am I now to do with my 28 copies?
3.14.2006 10:32am
jeremyguest (mail):
Doesn't asking people to download your paper so you will move up in the standings make you feel a little uneasy. It seems to fly in the face of the intent of the rankings, which is to genuinely track the downloads. I see your point, and I have read your writing (which I think it quite good), but it diminishes your credibility when it appears you are pandering for people to download so you can simply move up in the rankings. Just my two cents.
3.15.2006 9:30am