Granted, in a very narrow field, and based on a very limited measure.

Prof Volokh, you need to make one those oversize sponge fingers!
3.8.2006 1:13pm
Jay Goodman Tamboli (mail) (www):
I love this site, but I wonder about the methodology of excluding Althouse and leaving you in. Sure, there's a lot of law here, but there's also Islam, E*Trade, open threads, and pictures of babies. Some of the extra stuff I like, but personally I'd prefer more law and less other stuff.
3.8.2006 1:23pm
Matthew in Denver:
Yes, why was Althouse left out? I understand why Instapundit was left out, because though he is a law prof, an Instanpundit post about law is always based on a link to here, Althouse, Baindridge or another real law blog. He rarely writes original law blog content himself. But Althouse certainly does. In Volokh's defense, I would guess that this site would beat her on the rankings.

I wonder what the ratio of law posts to non-law posts must be to make the grade as a "true" law blog. Does each Puzzleblog post eat away at the Volokh street cred?

And I disagree with Jay - I like the mixed content. The law posts allow us to understand the logical methodology of the Volokh posters, so political posts have the added benefit of coming from a known and well-understood source. And the posters tend to base their opinions on logic rather than ideology, which I appreciate in a political posting.

And I like the puzzles.
3.8.2006 1:43pm
The Volokh Conspiracy - come for the guns, stay for the puzzles. Or is it the other way around?
3.8.2006 2:04pm
John McCall (mail):
You're also the top self-proclaimed blog conspiracy (no competitors within the top 250!) and the top blog with a word in the title starting with 'Vo' (handily defeating Vodkapundit at 169).
3.8.2006 3:19pm
James Lindgren (mail):
Actually, I think Eugene's conspiracy is the most visited academic blog (after InstaPundit) in any field--if by academic blog one means a blog where akk or most of the posters are full-time university professors.
3.9.2006 12:24am