Adam Sandler, Legal Authority:

Even before the Order Denying Motion for Incomprehensibility (follow the links and look at p.2 n.1), came Krumnow v. Krumnow, 174 S.W.3d 820 (Tex. Ct. App. 2006) (Gray, C.J., Special Note):

As I was completing work on this Special Note, footnote 4 appeared in the majority opinion. That footnote states: "This is an accelerated appeal. Chief Justice Gray has had the opinion since April 26, 2005." Frankly, in setting my work priorities, I had overlooked that "this is an accelerated appeal." I was not reminded of that by the author of the opinion until the addition of the footnote approximately four hours before the opinion was to be released....

So my response to footnote 4 is, quoting Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer, "Once again, things that could have been brought to my attention YESTERDAY!" The Wedding Singer (New Line Cinema 1998) (motion picture).

Actually, the rest of the Special Note, with its discussion of whether "two judges on a three judge court of appeals can issue an opinion and not wait for the third judge's considered vote in an appeal" is more interesting, and actually pretty readable. But, hey, it doesn't quote Adam Sandler, so naturally we won't pay as much attention to it.

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sir mix a lot:
Citing Adam Sandler in court decisions is becoming as common as using Yiddish.
3.7.2006 4:19pm
Richard Bellamy (mail):
Even were we to ignore the substance of the opinion, I would still think that a Li'l Abner reference would be worth a nod.
3.7.2006 4:26pm
Doug Sundseth (mail):
But how many such decisions also include reference to the Li'l Abner Rule?
3.7.2006 4:28pm
Doug Sundseth (mail):
Dang, too slow.
3.7.2006 4:28pm
Baylor Law Alum:
The Li'l Abner rule is commonly referred to at Baylor Law School, of which Chief Justice Grey is an alumnus. His court sits in Waco where Baylor Law School is, and many Waco lawyers (also Baylor alumni) would appreciate the reference.
3.7.2006 4:31pm
Houston Lawyer:
Now I've actually been to DogPatch USA (the Li'l Abner theme park), but have no idea what the Li'l Abner rule is.
3.7.2006 4:38pm
Houston Law Alum (mail):
Professor John Mixon, a legend at University of Houston law, refers to certain covenants that run with the land as bound by the "Tight Blue Jeans Rule." The rule is so-named because, as you can probably guess, these covenants . . .

bind the assignees.
3.7.2006 4:41pm
Ira B. Matetsky (mail):
I can't compete with the citations to either Adam Sandler or Li'l Abner, but I venture to suggest that the citation should be to "Tex. App." rather than "Tex."
3.7.2006 4:46pm
Lowell R. (mail):
As long as we're arguing about citations, am I the only one who thinks that the new Bluebook-mandated People v. Curtis, 1 Cal. App. 1, 81 P. 674 (App. Ct. 1905) is a waste of
3.7.2006 6:00pm
Lowell R. (mail): (oops)
3.7.2006 6:07pm
Adam J. Morris (mail):
Well, if we are talking citations, technically speaking, the correct cite is Krumnow v. Krumnow, 174 S.W.3d 820 (Tex.App.-Waco 2005, pet. filed).
3.7.2006 6:25pm
Mobius (mail):
Does any know why we are required to cite all three reporters for the U.S. Supreme Court? U.S., S.Ct. and L.Ed.
3.7.2006 7:30pm
The Original TS (mail):
Wow! I had no idea the Texas appellate courts were such a mess. Publicly bickering justices are bad enough but what's this about "undeciding" opinions that have long been final?
3.7.2006 8:48pm
Washington v. Alaimo
934 F.Supp. 1395

Best. Motion. Ever.
3.8.2006 8:43am
Volvodriver (mail):
I might also suggest one of Judge Kent's masterpieces from Galveston:

Smith v. Colonial Penn. Ins. Co.
943 F. Supp. 782
3.8.2006 9:28am