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Cabinet List:

Who is the next person in this list?

  • Bill Richardson, Anthony Principi, Gale Norton, John Ashcroft, Donald Evans, _________.

I have two separate possible answers in mind. One is/was a Cabinet Secretary; the other is/was not.

Justin (mail):
Without googling, one list is who sat out the state of the union. Don't know who that is without googling for 2005 (gale norton was 02, ashcroft 03, I assume evans was 04).
3.8.2006 12:37pm
Justin (mail):
Googling the answer to the first: Donald Evans

The other answer is Ted Stevens (took me a second to realize this).
3.8.2006 12:39pm
rwpotter (mail):
Oddly, I was just looking over the designated survivor list yesterday (now reading The Supreme Court, by Rehnquist, Wikied it, read the history of court and justices, then ceremonies, then SOTU address then survivor list. The mind is a crazy beast.

Since it doesn't come to memory I won't list off all the individuals but Mr. Choset might be thinking of five people not just two... Any thoughts as to why the new rule was not adhered to until 2005 rather then 2002? Perhaps that is the extent of the Wiki's knowledge?
3.8.2006 1:26pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
I'm not sure what you're referring to. My two answers had nothing to do with new rules. (The answers Justin lists above are the two I was looking for.) But maybe there's something else I'm missing.
3.8.2006 4:03pm
Kevan: I believe that what rwpotter is referring to is the fact that, on the Wikipedia list that answers this question, there are people missing for the slots prior to 2005. According to the new rule (the rule that adds a second answer to your question), there should have been others on this wikipedia list, and there are not. It's unclear if the wikipedia list is incomplete, or if the new rule was not followed until 2005.
3.8.2006 5:11pm