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Presidential Numbers:

It happened to Andrew Johnson 15 times, and Ford and Truman 12 times each. It never happened to LBJ, even though there were many opportunities, and it only happened to Cleveland twice, despite hundreds of opportunities. It couldn't have happened to 8 Presidents, starting with John Adams and running through George W. Bush. What is it?

CZV (mail):
Had a veto overriden by Congress?
3.7.2006 12:21pm
Steven Vickers:
List of vetoes

Yup, looks like it.
3.7.2006 12:24pm
AppSocRes (mail):
I'm guessing they got to cast the deciding vote as President Pro Tem of the Senate.
3.7.2006 12:33pm
Sorry AppSocRes, but that's the VP's duty, not the prez's.

3.7.2006 12:37pm
David Matthews (mail):
I'm glad you got it. I was thinking it might be one of the side effects of Cialis (though rare....)
3.7.2006 12:40pm
Wow, Cleveland was a vetoing machine! I wouldn't even have guessed Congress passed 304 statutes back then.
3.7.2006 12:48pm
Robert Schwartz (mail):
Too easy.
3.7.2006 12:55pm
projectile diarrhea during a state function
3.7.2006 1:00pm
Looks like it happened to Cleveland seven times, not twice... Unless we are only talking first terms?
3.7.2006 1:07pm
Bill N:
Wow, Cleveland was a vetoing machine! I wouldn't even have guessed Congress passed 304 statutes back then.

Those were private pension bills, sponsored by Congressmen doing favors for Civil War veterans in their districts. Nearly half of the bills in Congress in the late 1880s were such bills, and Cleveland's vetoes, fiscally sound as they may have been, were a political liability.
3.7.2006 1:37pm
Joshua (www):
Too easy.

Yeah, the bit about it never being possible with Dubya was a dead giveaway.
3.7.2006 1:46pm
Edward A. Hoffman (mail):
If only my kitchen had been around in 1797.... :-)
3.7.2006 2:23pm
Milhouse (www):
That was so easy even I got it. I think this is the first one of your puzzles that I did get. The bit about how it couldn't have happened to GWB was what gave it away to me.
3.7.2006 3:00pm
Matt Barr (mail) (www):
Shot in the leg by Jack Bauer?
3.7.2006 3:16pm
Thanks Bill N. for the info.
3.7.2006 3:47pm
Interesting logical/philosophical dilemma posed by E.A. Hoffman. Does my kitchen need to have existed for something not to have happened in it?
3.8.2006 11:00am