A Pause to Give Thanks that Robert Bork Didn't Make it to the Supreme Court:

Bork: "Liberty in America can be enhanced by reinstating, legislatively, restraints upon the direction of our culture and morality. Censorship as an enhancement of liberty may seem paradoxical. Yet it should be obvious, to all but dogmatic First Amendment absolutists, that people forced to live in an increasingly brutalized culture are, in a very real sense, not wholly free." Judge Posner once wrote that the alternative to allowing an unregulated speech marketplace is permitting government censorship, leaving "the government in control of all the institutions of culture, the great censor and director of which thoughts are good for us." Posner meant that as a criticism of censorship, but it seems that Bork would think that's a good thing.

With his flaws, I'll take Anthony Kennedy any day (though I'd much prefer if Douglas Ginsburg had made it). In fairness (?) to Bork, he seemed a lot less extremist, and ornery, on a variety of margins before the trauma of his confirmation battle.