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An easy one. What do these actors have in common?

  • Warren Beatty

  • Kevin Costner

  • Clint Eastwood

  • Mel Gibson

  • Robert Redford

They've all turned into directors.
3.1.2006 12:17pm
The letter E.
3.1.2006 12:23pm
They've all won Best Director, but not Best Actor Oscars
3.1.2006 12:24pm
yahonza (mail):
They have also all been nominated for or won the Oscar for Best Director. Right?
3.1.2006 12:25pm
The Shadow:
They're all men. You said it was easy!
3.1.2006 12:25pm
Sigivald (mail):
None of them has appeared in a film with me.
3.1.2006 12:41pm
AK (mail):
There never has been a rumor about any of them involving deviant sexual activity with a gerbil.
3.1.2006 12:48pm
Chicks dig 'em
3.1.2006 12:51pm
Matt Barr (mail) (www):
They've all either played ballplayers, cartoon detectives, tough-as-nails cops or Scottish warriors.

They've all held or threatened to run for office.

Any one of them could be the subject of that Carly Simon song.

blah blah blah my kitchen.
3.1.2006 12:53pm
logicnazi (mail) (www):
Aww, someone beat me to the all men thing.

But whatever they have in common google sets thinks Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz have it as well.

So maybe they are just famous actors.

Another guess is that these aren't there birth names?
3.1.2006 1:10pm
John Armstrong (mail):
None of them have appeared in a major motion picture set in my kitchen.
3.1.2006 1:22pm
McGehee (never been able to log in) (mail) (www):
They all use toothpaste.
3.1.2006 1:56pm
Robert Schwartz (mail):
They are all too old to play the ingenue.
3.1.2006 1:58pm
Richard Bellamy (mail):
They are all within 6 Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon.
3.1.2006 2:01pm
Eric Muller (www):
They've all slept with Tom Cruise.
3.1.2006 2:05pm
Shelby (mail):
They're all overrated.
3.1.2006 2:19pm
llamasex (mail) (www):
All directed themselves in a film
3.1.2006 2:37pm
They all have last names with two syllables and first names that begin with a consonant.
3.1.2006 2:42pm
JohnO (mail):
I think Miguel is half right, half wrong. Eastwood won an acting Oscar, I believe, for Unforgiven. These guys did all win Best Director Oscars, I think.

Beatty: Reds
Costner: Dances with Wolves
Eastwood: Million Dollar Baby
Gibson: Passion
Redford: Ordinary People
3.1.2006 2:48pm
Jack Brounstein (mail) (www):
Mel Gibson definitely did not win Best Director for Passion of the Christ. I'm pretty sure he won for Braveheart, though.
3.1.2006 2:52pm
Kim Scarborough (mail) (www):
They're all actors who later became producers.
3.1.2006 3:01pm
Adam (mail):
Okay, but what do these esteemed directors have in common?

Alfred Hitchcock, Howard Hawks, Ernst Lubitsch, Preston Sturges, Orson Welles, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Robert Altman.
3.1.2006 3:05pm
Eastwood won Best Director for Unforgiven (and Million Dollar Baby), but did not win Best Actor (lost to Al Pacino for Scent of a Woman).

Gibson won Best Director for Braveheart
3.1.2006 3:07pm
Pepe (mail):
won directing oscars, but not acting oscars, for films they directed and appeared in?
3.1.2006 3:16pm
Pepe is right:

Robert Redford - Ordinary People (1980)
Warren Beatty - Reds (1981)
Kevin Costner - Dances With Wolves (1991)
Mel Gibson - Braveheart (1995)
Clint Eastwood - Million Dollar Baby (2004)

They directed and acted in each of these movies respectively, and won oscars for direction but not acting.
3.1.2006 3:34pm
Joe7 (mail):
Robert Redford did not appear in Ordinary People.
3.1.2006 4:06pm
Cheburashka (mail):
They're all too old to do a quality action movie.
3.1.2006 5:10pm
They're all too old to do a quality action movie

Clint Eastwood will never be too old to do a quality action movie. Give the man a gun and a wheelchair and I'd totally buy him kicking some ass.

You could call it "Beguiled II: the Revenge".
3.1.2006 5:31pm
Matt Barr (mail) (www):
Speaking of which, is anyone else a little... nervous about Indiana Jones IV?
3.1.2006 5:42pm
Jon Black (mail):
They were all instrumental in the design of the canadian silver-dollar.
3.1.2006 5:50pm
They've all starred in movies whose major theme is a government conspiracy or cover up.
3.1.2006 6:53pm
Charlie (Colorado) (mail):
They all make more money than I do.
3.1.2006 9:42pm
They all make less money than I do.
3.1.2006 11:01pm
Syd (mail):
None of them has ever slept with Elizabeth Taylor.
3.1.2006 11:30pm
Bleepless (mail):
None of them uses a middle initial.

Oh, and Adam: your guys share an important characteristic. Each has made at least one flick which I very much like.
3.1.2006 11:32pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
To Adam's question: They've never won Oscars for directing. (I believe Orson Welles did win an Oscar, but not for directing.)
3.2.2006 12:13am
Adam (mail):
Kevin's correct. Many of them have won honorary Oscars, but none have won Best Director.

(Welles shared the Best Screenplay with Mankiewicz for Citizen Kane, even though, as Kael insists, he didn't deserve the credit.)
3.2.2006 12:21am
The five have the facial mobility of a block of wood.

None won Best Actress.


Kevan Choset - all five won Oscars for directing, Eastwood twice.
3.2.2006 12:24am
nedludd (mail):
All the director guesses were right

Along with Warren Beatty, Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford, Richard Attenborough and Kevin Costner one of 6 people to win and Academy Award for "Best Director", though they are mainly known as actors.
3.2.2006 4:24pm
Kevin L. Connors (mail) (www):
Is that it, Kevan - 5 actors who have won directing Oscars?

If so, I am gonna' be sooooo mad. Easy is right: too frickin' easy! I've been racking my brain this week, trying to find some mathematical or heuristic relationship between the actors' names, birthdates, etc..
3.3.2006 5:42pm