Law Review Board Turnover Dates:

Kaimipono Wenger writes:

Colleagues are talking about it in the hallway. How many boards have switched over? Where exactly are the windows, and when exactly is the "sweet spot" for sending a piece out?

I'm hoping to solicit some responses from our readers, in the comments to this post, to help provide our readers with the information that may help them answer those questions. Are you affiliated with a law review? Has your board turned over? If so, please indicate this in the comments. If enough readers comment, we may be able to collect some useful information. (I believe this could be useful both for the authors, who will send their pieces out at the best time, and for the editors, who will hopefully see fewer premature articles).

Details -- "the West Dakota Law Review board turns over on March 1" -- are particularly appreciated. Thanks!

If you have answers, please go to Prof. Wenger's post and add a comment there. (Please don't post the comments here, since the comments are most useful if they're all gathered in one place.) Thanks!