Instructor at Minnesota State College Allegedly Ordered Not To Post Mohammed Cartoons:

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports:

Karen Murdock, a part-time geography and earth science instructor who posted the cartoons -- surrounded by news articles about the topic and blank "comment" sheets -- said she simply wanted to spark discussion by allowing others to see the cartoons first-hand.

But the postings, first displayed Tuesday afternoon, were torn down at least once.

By Thursday, a senior faculty member instructed her to keep the cartoons off the social and behavioral sciences bulletin board, Murdock said. . . .

Administrators hope that a forum being arranged by many Muslim students and faculty members next week in light of the postings will help quell any hard feelings on campus.

The forum is meant to increase understanding of Muslim culture, said Mike Bruner, vice president of student affairs. "When students come to me who are hurt, it signals to me we're off course somewhere," he said. . . .

Does it ever signal that the students are the ones who are off course>

The newspaper also reports:

Whether or how the cartoons could be displayed might be resolved as part of the forum; officials want to leave that up to faculty and students.

What else would be left up to the students? Whether people should be allowed to blaspheme against Christianity? Use God's name in vain? Post anti-American items?

Thanks to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education for the pointer.