GW Moot Court:
Via Howard, I see that C-SPAN has posted a video of GW Law School's moot court finals from earlier this month, featuring Chief Justice Roberts, Judge Calabresi, and Judge Sotomayor. You can find a summary of the hypothetical case here (.pdf).

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That Thirteenth Circuit sounds pretty activist to me. I wonder why it hasn't been in the news more often.
2.20.2006 3:08pm
Senor Chumbawumba (mail):
Apparently it's occupied with trying to set up a new constitution. The Shiites and Sunnis keep fighting, with US troops in the crossfire. In that situation, activist judges are less important than establishing order.
2.20.2006 3:17pm
Beerslurpy (mail) (www):
Yay for proprietary streaming protocols and spyware! It's a shame, I really wanted to see this video.
2.21.2006 12:39am