Thanks, Readers:

Sitemeter shows that last week the VC had an average of 34,500 visitors per day, including the weekend. The only time we've approached such vistor totals in the past was in weeks when Supreme Court nominations were in the news. Thanks for reading.

btorrez (mail):
You are welcome.
2.19.2006 12:54pm
Humble Law Student:
I have visited more often the past few weeks because you all seem to be posting much more each day. You keep me interested and I'll do my best to keep visiting!
2.19.2006 1:09pm
Apparently comments can only be turned on when compliments are expected.
2.19.2006 1:26pm
John Jenkins (mail):
Except that comments are on with the immediately preceding post regarding affirmative action in law school admissions where some sort of criticism might be expected.
2.19.2006 2:10pm
BU2L (mail):
I'm just happy to have discovered what is easily the most civil discussion thread where people still disagree with each other on substance.
2.19.2006 2:18pm
Finally some recognition. We're the real heroes around here, but where's our parade?
2.19.2006 4:26pm
Steve P. (mail):
34,500 unique IPs? If so, that's a respectable amount. Put up unobtrusive ads relating to law, and get Eugene to start paying you. Marketers can create online personas in the comments, and once they're seen regularly, soft-sell their products. The possibilities are endless!
2.19.2006 5:37pm
Bottomfish (mail):
I used to post on Slate, but hardly ever do any more. Slate is full of articles but I can't manage to think of anything to say about them, because the opinions are too uniform. It's a streetcorner where all the old Deaniacs hang out.
2.19.2006 5:40pm
Kate1999 (mail):
Steve P.,

You mean you don't like H&R Block advertisements?
2.19.2006 6:10pm
That Lawyer Dude (mail) (www):
Congratulations on the numbers.Keep making it interesting. If you build it they will come.
2.19.2006 9:23pm
MadVeterinarian (mail):
Great! Keep up the good work
2.20.2006 1:12am
CNS (mail):
Thank you for the excellent posting/writing.
2.20.2006 6:08am