Alito's Law Clerks:
The Washington Post has the scoop on Justice Alito's law clerks. Of primary importance here at the VC, Alito made the smart move and hired Sasha. Alito also picked up Ben Horwich, who was clerking with Sasha for SOC.

  For my money, though, the remaining picks are more interesting. Alito selected three of his best former clerks — two of whom went on to clerk at the Supreme Court — to return and clerk for him again. The veteran Alito clerks are Williams & Connolly associate Hannah Smith, who clerked for Alito in '01-'02 before clerking for Justice Thomas in OT03; Sidley Austin litigation partner and former Congressional candidate Jay Jorgensen, who clerked for Alito in '97-'98 before clerking for Chief Justice Rehnquist in OT99; and Adam Ciongoli, who clerked for Alito in '95-'96, was an aide to then-AG John Ashcroft in 2001-03, and most recently has served as General Counsel of Time-Warner Europe.

  With that team of clerks, you can bet Alito is going to hit the ground running.