Bleg for Information on International Women's Peace Service:

The International Women's Peace Service supplies anti-Israel speakers to schools and churhces around the United States. It is led by a Jewish woman from San Francisco named Kate Raphael. According to FrontPage magazine, Raphael is a leader of the International Solidarity Movement. She is the subject of a very brief profile from Discover The Networks. The IWPS and Raphael are also the subject of an enormous amount of positive attention from various IndyMedia websites around the world.

Raphael was expelled from Israel for her role in a demonstration organized by ISM. She claims that the demonstration was peaceful, and others claim that it was not.

I would be grateful if commenters could supply additional information about the IWPS and Raphael. Please do not argue the merits of the pro/anti-Israel issue. Please do supply information about the veracity of IWPS/Raphael, and whether IWPS/Raphael's self-description as "peace activists" is accurate.