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More on Amadeus:

In honor of Mozart's 250th birthday today, here's another puzzle involving the movie made about him.

What do these movies, and only these movies, have in common? Don't google the list.

  • Going My Way

  • Judgment at Nuremberg

  • Network

  • Terms of Endearment

  • Amadeus



Kevan Choset (mail):
The answer to yesterday's puzzle is Balboa. The list is a (partial) list of Academy Award Best Picture-winning films whose titles consisted of single names, with the unused name substituting for the used name. (In the case of Amadeus, which is Mozart's middle name, I took the liberty of choosing Mozart over Wolfgang.) The list is: (Oliver!) Twist; George (Patton); (Rocky) Balboa; Mohandas (Gandhi); Wolfgang (Amadeus) Mozart.
1.27.2006 12:37pm
El Capitan (mail):
But seriously, not a single Falco joke yet?
1.27.2006 12:41pm
DJ (mail):
"Best Actor" Oscar given to a performer in a clearly supporting role?
1.27.2006 12:49pm
Fred Beukema (mail):
At Oscar time, all of these films had two or more actors or actresses competing in a "Lead" acting category. Unlike the other 12 films, one of them actually won the Oscar. So, for example: Shirley MacLaine over Debra Winger in "Terms of Endearment," Maxmillian Schell over Spencer Tracy in "Judgement at Nuremburg."
1.27.2006 12:56pm
DJ (mail):
Strike my last answer. I broke just double-checked, and I'm dead wrong.
1.27.2006 1:00pm
Kovarsky (mail):
oscar - best screenplay + best actor/actress win?

susan sarandon and geena (sp?) davis were nominated.
1.27.2006 1:23pm
DJ (mail):
El Capitan is right. After all these years, it's still a crime that Peter Finch got nominated for Best Actor instead of Supporting Actor--and that he ended up beating Bill Holden! And all that just because he died...
1.27.2006 3:48pm
James Taranto (mail) (www):
None of them have been screened in my kitchen.
1.27.2006 4:06pm
Cal Lanier (mail) (www):
A crime? Come now. O'Toole was outstanding. Holden was fine. Oscars rarely have more than a decent correlation with fine acting, but O'Toole over Holden isn't one of the major outrages: Grace Kelly over Judy Garland, Elizabeth Taylor over Deborah Kerr (Taylor's first), Cliff Robertson over Peter O'Toole, and Keven Costner for Scorcese.
1.27.2006 5:38pm