The Secret to Effective In-Court Advocacy?

Reader Greg Weber points to this article. Haven't read the study myself yet, though I'm looking forward to it.

It might work in an Article III court, but plainly this article has no relevance to testimony before congress.
1.26.2006 6:54pm
Brody's claims seem rather vague to me because he doesn't appear to distinguish 1) between casual sex, which usually lead to feelings of guilt 2) or sex within long-term relationships, which would involve the considerable stress of having to sustain a long-term relationship. He also does not specify whether his sample included homosexuals, or whether men and women reported different results.
1.26.2006 7:06pm
Cornellian (mail):
Interesting that the study seems to assume that sexual intercourse results in orgasm, something not always the case (especially for women). The description of the terms of the study is also to vague to draw too many conclusions. Still, might be handy to keep a copy around to show to one's significant other at opportune moments.
1.26.2006 7:34pm
I think almost everyone will agree that more study is clearly needed. Now, where do we volunteer?
1.27.2006 10:41am