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Missing Word:

What word is missing in this list?

  • Twist, George, _____, Mohandas, Mozart.

Kevan Choset (mail):
The answer to yesterday's puzzle is that the actors are listed in order of what US Presidents they played (from Adams to Nixon). As a couple of people pointed out, Anthony Hopkins played both John Quincy Adams (in Amistad) and Nixon (in Nixon).
1.26.2006 12:14pm
KenB (mail):
1.26.2006 12:18pm
Alex R:
Darn... What KenB said.
1.26.2006 12:59pm
civil truth (mail):
Yup...KenB got it first.
1.26.2006 1:11pm
Shouldn't there be a joint "Ted/Joanna" entry between Balboa and Mohandas?

And, by this logic, shouldn't there be a blank entry between Balboa and Ted/Joanna?
1.26.2006 1:37pm
enlighten the rest of us, please
1.26.2006 1:55pm
John Beukema (mail):
If you go back a bit further, Judah would precede Twist, I think.
1.26.2006 2:11pm
Paco Jones:
The main characters in Best Picture winners?
1.26.2006 3:23pm
in BP biopics with one of the names as the title.
1.26.2006 3:24pm
Alex R:
Well, I don't know that I would call "Oliver!" a biopic...

The list is the *other* (first or last) name of the person whose last or first name is the movie title.
1.26.2006 3:46pm
Staninbugaha (mail):
The correct word should be Thomas
1.26.2006 3:56pm
Well put, Alex R.

The Best Picture winners Kevan referred to:

1968: Oliver!
1970: Patton
1976: Rocky
1982: Gandhi
1984: Amadeus

My own interpolations:
1977: Annie Hall [first and last name, hence the blank]
1979: Kramer vs. Kramer

John Beukema has alluded to Ben-Hur (1959). Prior to that... what was Gigi's last name (1958)? Hamlet (1948) also presents a problem...
1.26.2006 3:57pm
Dale Gribble (mail) (www):
Twist, George, _____, Mohandas, Mozart denote memorial days in January or famous people born in January
Twist (twist day) 1/31, George (England) 1/23, _____, Mohandas (ghandi)1-22, Mozart (1-27). The missing date is Jan 29, Thomas Paine was born on that day
1.26.2006 4:20pm
Technically, Mozart doesn't belong--his name was "Wolfgang."

Good puzzle otherwise...
1.26.2006 5:16pm
Noah Klein (mail):

Amadeus was Mozart's middle name.

1.26.2006 5:32pm
Stormy Dragon (mail) (www):
The list should begin: de Winter, Piletti, Alvarez, Judah for Rebecca, Marty, Gigi, and Ben-hur respectively.
1.26.2006 9:55pm
Bill Twist:
Twist Day isn't january 31st, it's March 10th, and I oughtta know...
1.27.2006 8:53am