Big Fun for Us Law Geeks:

Take the "Which Canon of Statutory Construction Are You?" quiz. I'm noscitur a sociis; makes sense to me. Thanks to Sean Sirrine for the pointer.

DavidBernstein (mail):
I'm "Inclusio unius est exclusio alterius."
1.24.2006 3:26pm
I'm "The Golden Rule." Is that actually a Canon of Statutory Construction?
1.24.2006 3:29pm
I got the job-appropriate rule of lenity. Funny, that rule never seems to do my clients any good.
1.24.2006 3:45pm
I always thought the rule was Expressio unius est exclusio alterius.
1.24.2006 4:21pm
bornyesterday (mail) (www):
You are the Golden Rule! You presume that the legislature would not want to apply the statute to achieve an unreasonable or absurd result inconsistent with its purpose. It's not what's on the surface that matters for you, and you try to do what's best in any given situation. You're a bit unpredictable, but you don't mind.

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14% of people had this result.
1.24.2006 4:46pm
Guest2 (mail):
Actually, it's "expressio unius est confusio the-rest-of-us." (You have to say it fast for it to be funny.)
1.24.2006 4:49pm
Pete Freans (mail):
I too am "noscitur a socii". The "you're useless by yourself" remark however was uncalled for...
1.24.2006 5:19pm
RJL (mail):
1.24.2006 5:58pm
frankcross (mail):
I'm busted -- the rule of lenity
1.24.2006 6:51pm
Jason Fliegel (mail):
I'm the Plain Meaning Rule!
1.24.2006 7:06pm
Ira B. Matetsky (mail):
I came out "noscitur a sociis" as well ... although if I had been asked which rule I would wantto be identified with, that wouldn't have been it. But it's always an honor to share a trait with Professor Eugene.
1.24.2006 7:14pm
Humble Law Student:
I'm the rule of lenity as well. Its pretty funny, because its the last thing I would have expected.

Of course this quiz didn't have my favority rule, construing a statute to comport with my own normative ideas of what it should say.

Oh well...
1.24.2006 7:18pm
Chico's Bail Bonds (mail):
That sound a lot like the "Golden Rule," Humble Law Student.
1.24.2006 8:12pm
Charles Chapman (mail) (www):
Interstring, I'm Noscitur a socii as well.
1.24.2006 8:25pm
stealthlawprof (mail) (www):
I'm not sure what to think of this, but here it is --

You are Interpretation in Avoidance of Constitutional Questions! You presume that the legislature doesn't intend to draft unconstitutional stautes and so you interpret them so that you won't have to reach a constitutional decision. Some criticize you for implicitly making constitutional law, but without stating your reasons. You like to stay away from difficult decisions. You're kind of a weasley little bastard.

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1.24.2006 10:24pm
The NJ Annuitant (mail):
I am a plain meaning guy. Or so they say. Who knows?
1.24.2006 10:59pm
Neal R. (mail):
I'm also "Interpretation in Avoidance of Constitutional Questions," and this was probably the stupidest quiz I've ever taken in my life. But I am a weasly bastard.
1.25.2006 12:16am
Don Miller (mail):
IANAL, but

I am a plain meaning person as well. Not a suprise to me.
1.25.2006 10:34am
I'm "Avoidance of Constitutional Questions," but I think I'm more of avoidance of losing my law license on the grounds of a felony conviction.
1.25.2006 12:11pm