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Actors in Order:

In what order have I placed these actors?

  • William Daniels

  • Nick Nolte

  • Anthony Hopkins

  • Charlton Heston

  • Nigel Hawthorne

  • Henry Fonda

  • Kevin Kline

  • Jon Voight

  • Gary Sinise

  • William Devane

  • Michael Gambon

  • Anthony Hopkins

No googling the list.

alkali (mail) (www):
1) This is the later, more stomach-turning part of Paris Hilton's "to do" list.

2) The order of Qsftjefout whom these actors have portrayed. (Shift one letter back for the answer.)
1.25.2006 3:13pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
The answer to yesterday's post is "invoke the 25th Amendment and temporarily turn over power to the Vice President." The reason I say Reagan "sort of" did it is that his letter giving GHWB temporary power specifically said that he did not feel that the 25th Amendment was necessary in that case. (But of course saying it doesn't make it so.)
1.25.2006 3:13pm
Adam (mail):
Too easy, and I didn't have to google. Let me suggest that James Brolin would come in after Anthony Hopkins.
1.25.2006 3:15pm
They all played presidents, and by order of their presidential term. Hopkins inclusion is very interesting as both JQ Adams and Nixon.
1.25.2006 3:18pm
Adam's post reminds me that more clarification is in order - all of these roles were in movies, and not on television, which is why Ken Branagh was not listed for FDR in place of Voight. Then again, Brolin barely "acted" in that, so he'd barely qualify under the more inclusive list...
1.25.2006 3:23pm
Matt Barr (mail) (www):
All have played characters whose sons in law have been indirectly killed by Jack Bauer.

Or at least one has.
1.25.2006 3:44pm
Justin (mail):
Putting William Daniels first makes this easy. Never knew that about Heston.
1.25.2006 4:07pm
Devin McCullen (mail):
Boris is wrong, because Sinise's Truman was a TV movie.
1.25.2006 4:14pm
Aeon J. Skoble (mail):
Roles as US Presidents, in order of administration (Adams-Nixon).
1.25.2006 4:38pm
DJ (mail):
They all played KITT at one time or another?
1.25.2006 4:49pm
Richard Bellamy (mail):
Order in which the actors have (or will) be cast as a talking car.
1.25.2006 4:51pm
Larry Korn:
The order in which they were beaten to a bloody pulp by Chuck Norris.
1.25.2006 5:55pm
Adam (mail):
Gambon's LBJ was also not on TV, but HBO, IIRC.

And Mr. Kline, of course has also played a "fictional" president and a "real" president in a fictional movie. Or something like that.
1.25.2006 6:00pm
You left out Ralph Bellamy who played FDR in the movie Sunrise at Campobello (1960)
1.25.2006 6:16pm
Kevin Murphy:
The order in which Buffy slays them after they turn vampire. She has to do Hopkins twice.
1.25.2006 6:18pm
Patti (mail) (www):
The order of most quickly-receding hairline?
1.25.2006 6:26pm
Kovarsky (mail):
you also left out martin sheen.
1.25.2006 6:30pm
Also, Heston played Andrew Jackson in two different movies. The President's Lady and The Buccaneer.
1.25.2006 6:39pm
Edward A. Hoffman (mail):
The order in which I realized that they haven't been in my kitchen. I got forgetful about Hopkins.
1.25.2006 6:56pm
Completely OT, but William Daniels as Dr. Craig in St. Elsewhere was a wonderful ongoing performance.
1.25.2006 7:14pm
Alan Tauber (mail) (www):
Well if you include Sheen, you'd have to include John Goodman. Which is another example of the 25th Amendment being invoked....
1.25.2006 8:37pm
bains (mail):
Yeah, I'm actually going to the effort to post the following -

Who cares.

Havent read the comments, so I'll just surmise that 20 or so folks do.

Given the pointless floor debate over Alito's confirmation, those boneheads know how they are voting, why waste three frickin days, I'm of foul persuasion. So I'm pissin in your stupid trivia soup.
1.25.2006 9:19pm
SteveK (www):
Of course Kevin Kline shouldn't be on the list at all. Googling the list suggests that the source material for this puzzle misidentifies Kline as having played Grant in Wild Wild West.
1.25.2006 9:27pm
Brian Keith played TR in "The Wind and the Lion"
1.25.2006 9:34pm
nk (mail):
A variation on the puzzle: "Fail Safe", in which Henry Fonda played the President, is every Chicagoan's favorite movie because ...?
1.25.2006 10:19pm
Because NY gets nuked, of course.
1.25.2006 10:46pm
Jared K.:
Kevin Kline does actually play both Artemus Gordon and U.S. Grant in Wild Wild West. IMDB does not list it, but having had the misfortune of seeing the movie I can confirm this fact. It's also supported by this review, however reliable you'd like to consider it.
1.25.2006 10:56pm
Sarah (mail) (www):
This was too easy because of Daniels. Even Disney kids' shows reference it (he played the principal at John Adams High School on "Boy Meets World" until the characters graduated, and then miraculously became a college teacher, so he could stay on the show.) If you'd done TV presidents it'd be harder. Or, vice presidents.

And Jared K. is right. My father wept at the very idea of a Wild Wild West remake; I remember it all too well.
1.26.2006 12:24am
James Kabala (mail):
Brian Keith has played back-to-back presidents. When he was young, he played TR in The Wind and the Lion; when he was older, he played William McKinley in a made-for-TV miniseries called "Rough Riders." (Roosevelt in that one was Tom Berenger.)
William Devane as JFK was on TV, so there is further confirmation that Boris is mistaken.
Two more made-for-TV perforances: Tom Selleck as Eisenhower and Martin Sheen as JFK, long before The West Wing.
1.26.2006 11:13am
Jesse (mail) (www):
I much prefered Dan Hedya's portrayal of Nixon. Also from TV is Jeff Daniels as Washington.
1.26.2006 11:42am
Jesse (mail) (www):
That should have been "I much preferred Dan Hedaya's portrayal of Nixon."
1.26.2006 11:44am
Kieran Jadiker-Smith (mail):
All of these are actors who played real presidents, in the order of each president's administration. But I'm still wondering about the inclusion of Kevin Kline, who, as far as I can tell from IMDB, has only played a fictional president. Is that a mistake, per SteveK's comment, or did he play some president between Lincoln (Fonda) and FDR (Voight)? Did I miss a movie about Chester A. Arthur?

Heston could also have been placed right after Daniels; not only did he play Andrew Jackson, but he played Thomas Jefferson in a 1963 TV movie called The Patriots.
1.26.2006 6:33pm
Joseph Henchman (mail):
Brian Keith feels left out:
1.27.2006 10:15am