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Presidential Action:

George Bush did it on June 29, 2002. Ronald Reagan sort of did it on July 13, 1985. No other president ever did it, and none of them could have before February 10, 1967. What is it? (Research away, but don't just google the dates.)

Officially passed authority to the VP to be Acting President?
1.24.2006 12:52pm
Chris Jones (www):
Transfer power temporarily under the XXVth amendment.
1.24.2006 12:55pm
If my answer above was right then this one was too easy. Which I guess makes up for many of your others being too hard :)
1.24.2006 12:55pm
Bitter Lawyer (mail):
Stayed at Buckingham Palace?
1.24.2006 1:01pm
Mike123 (mail):
Had a V8
1.24.2006 1:09pm
Mr. T.:
Been in my kitchen. (Reagan just poked his head in. And before 1967 I lived in a studio apartment.)
1.24.2006 1:15pm
Colon surgery.
1.24.2006 1:22pm
John McG (mail) (www):
Fly out of an airport named after themselves?
1.24.2006 1:25pm
Justin (mail):
Maintained the dignity and honor of the White House by not having oral sex?
1.24.2006 1:46pm
T E (mail):
Wow, so Justin is a confidante of both Nancy Reagan and Laura Bush.

1.24.2006 1:50pm
Justin writes:
Maintained the dignity and honor of the White House by not having oral sex?
Correct, according to this source.
1.24.2006 1:53pm
Roger (mail):
I find it odd that Justin is privy to the sexual habits of various presidents. Indeed, he seems to know a great deal about what each one of them likes and dislikes and where he likes doing it.

Is this strange? How does he know this? I hope he didn't log onto the internet and make stuff up. That would be lying, which is a sin. A very bad sin. A sin so bad that I can hardly keep from crying, because Justin's sin (of lying about sex) has demeaned the integrity of the internet.
1.24.2006 1:58pm
Indian Paintbrush (mail) (www):
Wow. No oral sex the whole term? Jeebus.

Poppycock: A chronicle of the stupidest things ever said
1.24.2006 2:08pm
Greedy Clerk (mail):
Lying is not a sin. Our great hallowed leader must lie sometimes to protect us from the terrorists -- for example, our great leader had to lie when he promised to fire whoever leaked Plame's name, when he said that he only uses warrants to spy on us, when he said there were WMD's in Iraq, etc. Let us all thank Jesus that we have such a leader who knows when to lie to us to protect us from the terrorists.

Lying about sex on the other hand, that is a sin and any president who lies about that should be removed from office.
1.24.2006 2:18pm
SP (mail):
Greedy Clerk, did you notice that this thread was actually about the trivia question, with people giving joke answers? You should take that stick out of your @#$, if only because you're supposed to change it every 10,000 miles.

The answer must relate to the 25th Amendment, as has been previousluy suggested.
1.24.2006 2:30pm
Dick King:
Did Reagan "sort of do it"? As I recall, he was having surgery requiring general anaesthesia and he solidly transferred authority.

1.24.2006 2:34pm
Greedy Clerk (mail):
The answer must relate to the 25th Amendment, as has been previousluy suggested.

Uh oh, hall monitor is here. Someone broke the rules. Call Walter.

1.24.2006 2:41pm
1.24.2006 2:45pm
Justin (mail):
None of you have a sense of humor, except for those of you who do.
1.24.2006 3:29pm
T E (mail):
Oh, on second thought, I mistakenly assumed that Justin was only a confidante of Nancy and Laura - I guess the more realistic universe of persons most likely to provide, um, favors would be Condi and Karl Rove (for Georgie) and Schultz and Noonan (for Reagan).

Surely Justin doesn't get late night confessional phone calls from them, too.
1.24.2006 3:38pm
Jeremy Pierce (mail) (www):
Read Harry Frankfurt's new book to see why this is not in fact lying. Lying is when you care about the truth and deliberately decieve. B.S. is when you don't care either way and just make something up that may or may not be true. This is an important distinction between two kinds of speech-acts.
1.24.2006 3:57pm
Nobody (mail):
Not sure if it's related, but the date July 13, 1985 jumps out at me as being the date of the original Live Aid concert.
1.24.2006 3:59pm
Jan Koenig (mail):
Had a colonoscopy.
1.24.2006 4:27pm
Bob W (mail):
I wouldn't say Reagan kind of did it. Really, he didn't do it, but people thought he did.
1.24.2006 6:15pm
bRight and Early (mail) (www):

Had a colonoscopy.

You can almost have one a colonoscopy? Wow. Is that like being a little bit pregnant?
1.24.2006 6:36pm
Adam (www):
The date jumped out at me too. Can't believe Reagan missed an actual Beatle singing an actual Beatles song, only to have the microphone fail.
1.24.2006 8:37pm
Sarah (mail) (www):
I think it has something to do with space, but it can't be "talk to an astronaut who's actually in space," which is the only thing I can come up with.
1.24.2006 8:56pm
Jan Koenig (mail):
I believe the transfer of power was the intended correct answer, but I believe that "having a colonoscopy" is correct as well. In fact, no President (or anyone else for that matter) could have had one prior to the noted date, because colonoscopies were not introduced until the 1970's. Granted, the date in that sense is a bit of a red herring, but that does not make the answer any less correct.
1.25.2006 1:04pm
Why couldn't Clinton have a colonoscopy?
1.25.2006 1:09pm
Jan Koenig (mail):
He could have, but didn't. He had one in 1984, but to the best of my knowledge he didn't have one while he was President.
1.25.2006 2:06pm
farmer56 (mail):
SP: you win. You made me laugh out loud,, for along time.

Greedy Clerk:,lighten up.
1.27.2006 9:31am