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Extreme Puzzling:

Today through Sunday the Puzzleblogger is at the MIT Mystery Hunt. Click here to try the 2005 (and earlier) hunts online.

S.P.I.E.S. HQ:
Cool! What team?
1.13.2006 2:03pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
SETEC Astronomy
1.13.2006 9:39pm
S.P.I.E.S. HQ:
Ah, fun. I visited you guys a while ago.
1.14.2006 2:39pm
spencere (mail):
My daughter and son-in-law came by the hgouse late this morning to pick up 15 spy novels as one of the items they needed in the hunt.

They said this years theme is spys.
1.14.2006 4:40pm