Liveblogging Alito:
SCOTUSblog is liveblogging the Alito hearings. This afternoon will mostly consist of speeches by the members of the Judiciary Committee. No surprises so far.
chsw (mail):
The first day is nothing but bloviation. In fact, most of the hearing will be bloviation. If there are no issues of judicial impropriety, lack of integrity, or some hidden felonious act, then why are the Democrats making such asses of themselves?
1.9.2006 3:11pm
Bob Bobstein (mail):
firedoglake is also liveblogging, with 4-letter words and a liberal bent.
1.9.2006 3:25pm
Frank Drackmann (mail):
Did anyone else think Ted Kennedy was drunk?? I mean today, not at Chappquiddick.
1.9.2006 5:48pm
Christine Whitman looked like the one on the bubbly. Called Alito "President Alito" and went on to state that she used to be Governor of New York.
1.10.2006 1:57am