Kelo Update:

Tom Blumer has a thorough update on the stalled the New London project. His summary:

This post contains:

Two relevant area maps, one from the New London Development Corporation and another from Google. Given the controversy, I'm surprised that I have yet to see a single map in any article I have seen about the controversy.

A long excerpt from a New London Day article about a new deal between the NLDC and the developer, Corcoran Jennison (CJ), which looks like a major makeover, and (to me) has a distinct underlying whiff of desperation.

A shorter excerpt from a different Day article about how a lot of parties are irritated with and disagree with Connecticut's governor because she (gasp) seems to believe that whatever development occurs can and should be done without taking the remaining properties.

David Sucher (mail) (www):
"I’m surprised that I have yet to see a single map in any article I have seen about the controversy."

So true. You'll rarely find maps or photos or graphics of any kind in legal analysis even when the subject matter -- at least in the factual underpinnings -- just cries out for clarification with some sketches, maps, photos etc etc. I understand that law is supposed to be about legal "principles" but the exposition of law -- which is what the higher appellate law is all about -- would gain so much if lawyers and judges used illustrations. Of course perhaps tghe kind of people who are attracted to law and who do well at it simply don't think in terms of images. I don't know. But I was startled to note in law school the absence of graphical explanations in -- especially -- the land use law case books. Quite puzzling indeed.
1.7.2006 7:30pm
rekla-ma (mail) (www):
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