Our Own Tyler Cowen

profiled by Norm Geras (normblog).

frankcross (mail):
Darrell Walker?
1.6.2006 5:46pm
Rhadamanthus1982 (mail) (www):
Who cares; he's a Firefly fan!!! He should be given accolades for taste and quality including a huge 'I hate Fox' badge to wear at all times!
1.6.2006 9:27pm
Rhadamanthus1982 (mail) (www):
Though Eugene I'm shocked you haven't received at invitation for their weekly spot! Or did you receive an invite but turn it down?
1.6.2006 9:37pm
Zywicki (mail):
Eugene was interviewed here.

I wondered about Darrell Walker too...
1.7.2006 6:46am