Sorry for the different look of the blog -- my error, which we hope to have corrected soon. The posts and the comments haven't been touched, though.

We promise it wasn't a conspiracy to change our look, either.
1.4.2006 8:10pm
Mary (mail):
I like it!
Much cleaner, less clutter.
1.4.2006 8:16pm
Charlie (Colorado) (mail):
I'm with Mary.
1.4.2006 8:47pm
I don't know about IE, but Firefox (under Linux) isn't really liking the "new" style.
1.4.2006 9:06pm
Dustin (mail):

i realize this i not a permenent change, but Mozilla 1.7.7 (not firefox is working fine with this here site.

I also kinda like the blankness, but it isn't sleek enough for most folks.

While we're chatting though, is there any chance of offering a different color scheme? I know white looks more official and papery, but it's like staring into a lightbulb to read sites like this.

blue background with white text isn't a bad idea. Try it in MS Word to see what I mean.
1.4.2006 9:23pm
EricH (mail):
C'mon, just admit that the Bush Regime was trying to shut you down again.

Can't keep this quiet any longer. Eventually the Times will have it A-1.

When oh when will this nighmare end?
1.4.2006 9:33pm
Anderson (mail) (www):
But where did the angel come from?
1.5.2006 10:09am
A. Rickey (mail) (www):
I agree that Firefox really didn't like the layout. While it might have seemed less cluttered, on low resolutions (or small screens), the new layout seemed to be over 1000 pixels wide, and thus forced scrolling. The site became nearly unreadable.

Glad to see the old site back, even if I preferred the new color scheme.
1.5.2006 10:12pm