Post a Comment, Be Cited by a Prominent Newspaper:

Congratulations to commenter Tony, whose comment to one of our posts was quoted last month by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Joe Hill:
Um, I'm not sure I'd call the Pittsburgh Tribune Review -- published by Richard Mellon Scaife -- a "prominent newspaper."
1.3.2006 1:41pm
Dave Friedman (mail) (www):
So prominent I never heard about it.
1.3.2006 2:06pm
Bob Bobstein (mail):
C'mon, guys, it is kinda cool that Tony got a mention in a big city paper for his comment.

That said, Tony's comment is the only one in that feature that's worth reproducing. How on earth did they arrive at the selection of those other quotes? Did they Google "blog comment Bush" and click "I'm feeling lucky" and copy and paste what they found?
1.3.2006 2:25pm
Tony (mail):
Hm, I guess I'm sort of flattered, but what a strange way to be quoted - to quote (effectively anonymously) an occasional commenter such as myself instead of, you know, the actual authors of the blog!
1.3.2006 2:38pm
Justin (mail):
Just in case David Bernstien was serious when he asked the question of what Chomsky was thinking, Chomsky was simply thinking that unorthadox opinions on Middle Eastern issues were discriminated against with violence or the threat of violence REGARDLESS of whether it came from the left or the right, and that Pipes' attempt to make it simply a question about leftist discrimination against the right wing was not useful.

I'd also point out that regardless of the fact that Derschowitz's policies fall on both sides of the spectrum, where they fall, particularly when spouting right-winged foreign policy viewpoints ("Professor of Torture" is one of his nicknames), are not necessarily or even generally "orthadox"
1.3.2006 2:41pm
Marc O. DeGirolami:

The interpretation you advance may be your own (and it may be right--who knows), but, from what Prof. Bernstein cites, it's certainly not Chomsky's. Bernstein seems to be reacting to Chomsky's views, not yours.
1.3.2006 3:30pm
Dustin (mail):
Justin, I am motivated to respond to your comment, because it's pretty ridiculous. I mean, Chomsky clearly wasnt saying unorthadox opinions were discriminated against 'REGARDLESS' or direction. Did you even read the Chomsky quote? But it's completely off the topic of this post.

Why aren't disruptive comments like that deleted?
1.3.2006 3:33pm
Justin (mail):
My response was for Mr. Bernstein alone, but if you read the actual article rather than Pipes' blog, you'd notice that Chomsky specificially refers to what you call "conservatives" as "far right", and calls the campus main position (which he characterizes as supporting the US Government's position, which would be the left of Horowitz's/Pipes' et. al.) the real "conservative" position. He then goes on to note that "unorthadox" (not liberal or leftist) positions lead to discrimination, and uses Said as an example.

Delete my comment if you want. I was just passing it along to Professor Bernstein.
1.3.2006 4:06pm
Dustin (mail):
Most of the comments on this post are not about this post.

Yeah, Justin, Chomsky mischaracterizes conservatives. It's called rhetoric. He is not being persecuted nearly so much as those who agree with the Administration's Israel policy. The people who take the worst attacks on campus are the ones who agree the most with the administration. Both yours and Chomsky's positions are more than lacking, but I don't expect that to persuade you too much.

Congratulations Tony. My apologies for furthering the disruption.
1.3.2006 7:10pm
Marc O. DeGirolami:
Well, pardon me Justin, for intruding on your private tete-a-tete with Professor Bernstein. How very personal of you to use blog comments to communicate your oh-so special message. Next time, may I suggest letter-writing or some personal e-mailing as your preferred method of correspondence, so the rest of us won't waste our time with trying to respond sensibly to your posts.
1.3.2006 8:06pm
Eugene Volokh (www):
OK, folks, let's try to be a bit nicer to each other.
1.3.2006 9:58pm