A3G as Wonkette?:
The Wall Street Journal's new law blog -- yep, that's right, the WSJ has started a law blog -- reports on a rumor that David Lat, aka Article III Groupie, is going to be the new Dread Pirate Roberts Wonkette. From the story:
Here's the latest buzz: Queen of the blogosphere Ana Marie Cox is said to be handing over the reins at her spicy political blog Wonkette. David Lat, the federal prosecutor who revealed himself to the New Yorker magazine in November as the author of the popular "Underneath Their Robes" judicial blog, is expected to start blogging for the site. Lockhart Steele, managing editor of Gawker Media, which owns Wonkette, declined to comment. We hear that Lat will have a co-editor.
PG (mail) (www):
Hah, Chris Geidner and I were discussing at breakfast today whether Lat could run UTR on a commercial basis sufficient to keep a roof over his head, and Chris cited Wonkette's success when pointing out what an advertising-enviable audience UTR has.
1.3.2006 2:45am
llamasex (mail) (www):
I never read A3G, so what was the post to penis joke ratio there?
1.3.2006 6:28am
Splunge (mail):
Ithink Ana Marie Cox is the "Queen of Blogosphere" in the same sense that Asia Carrera is the "Queen of the Silver Screen," and for much the same reasons.
1.3.2006 7:26am
Anderson (mail) (www):
But what does "Lat" sound like?

Seriously, or less unseriously, I hope this isn't true, or if it is, I hope AMC does something else to keep her wit in the public eye.
1.3.2006 9:28am
MDM (mail) (www):
Cox's plan (AFAIK) is to write full time (mixture of books, freelancing, and a possible position somewhere). Her book's getting decent reviews (particularly for that sort of book). Thus, she won't be going away (and people will differ on whether this is a good or bad thing).

Lat's a fine choice, and I think the co-editor idea is an excellent one, as long as the two co-editors are on opposite sides of the political aisle. Gawker et al have made their name as equal opportunity snarkers.
1.3.2006 10:12am
countertop (mail):
Decent reviews??

The NY Times starts with the notion that "getting the book deal proves easier than writing the book" and finishes the review with this zinger:

Ms. Cox is too adroit with this fake obsolescence to fall back on it for real. But "Dog Days" really does resort to what she herself calls "the Hallmark Channel ending." So it's bye-bye BlackBerry and hello Iowa for Melanie at the story's end. Any smart Web site would mock her final gesture: turning on her laptop and writing the opening lines of this book.

If thats a good review, I'd hate to see what a bad one looks like.
1.3.2006 10:25am
none (mail):
1.3.2006 1:22pm
the media coverage has definitely gone to david lat's head.
1.3.2006 1:54pm
Pooh (www):
Well played, Professor...
1.3.2006 5:39pm
Edward A. Hoffman (mail):
Dang! "None" beat me to the punchline.
1.3.2006 8:32pm